The Art of Defending

With the new season only just around the corner, why not take some time and invest in yourself and your team by increasing your knowledge around ‘The Art of Defending’ and the different strategies, sessions and techniques that can improve your players and teams defensive performance … whatever their age and your background and experience as a coach!!!

The Course will be run by UEFA A Licence Coach – Chris McGinn, Chris has a wealth of experience from his time as a professional football as well as over the last 25 years working with Elite Youth and Senior Professional Footballers at a number of clubs including Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Wigan and QPR.

Chris is the owner and founder of CM Solutions and worked with a number of high profile defenders such as Tony Adams, Steve Bold and Keiran Gibbs

Chris is uniquely placed to provide insight based on his hands on experience working with these top quality defenders as well as some of the leading managers and coaches.

Our Art of Defending course is a one day practical workshop for serious coaches of all levels.

Date:            Sunday 30th July


Venue:         Sporting Club Thamesmead FC, Bayliss Avenue, Thamesmead, SE28 8NJ


Time:           9.30am to 4.00pm


Fee:             £49.50


Course Overview:

  • A closer look at the physical, technical and tactical aspects of defending
  • How to build sessions to incorporate all the above
  • It wouldn’t be one of my courses without some statistics showing how the ball is regained in order to counter attack
  • Tactical changes in the game that affect the defensive shape
  • How to defend in order to start an attack

Benefit to you:

  • Build on your existing knowledge of the Art of Defending
  • Write your own session plans to incorporate the physical, technical and tactical understanding
  • Meet other coaches and refresh your knowledge and training resources
  • You will have access to many different training sessions to use with your players through-out the season
  • Ongoing help and assistance from the coach (Chris McGinn) who runs your course

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is suitable for managers / coaches of all levels from the coach just starting out to those who are progressing through their coaching badges
  • The material and sessions are relevant to players & defenders of any age